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Cool Roof

Most of the roofs in the world (including over 90% of the roofs in the United States) are dark colored. In the heal of the full sun, the surface of a black roof can increase in temperature as much as 90 degrees F reaching temperatures of 150-190 degrees F (66 to 88 degrees C). This heat increase can contribute to: • Increased cooling energy use and higher utility bills. • Higher peak electricity demand (the maximum energy load. In megawatts, an electric utility experiences To supply customers instantaneously, generally experienced in summer late afternoons as businesses and residences turn up their air conditioners), raised electricity production costs, and a potentially overburdened power grid; • Reduced indoor comfort. • In creased air pollution due to the intensification of the "heat island effect",and • Accelerated deterioration of roofing materials, increased roof maintenance costs, and high levels of roofing waste sent to landfills. A large commercial, industrial or multi family residential building with a dark colored roof will consume more energy for air conditioning than a "cooler" building - a strain on both operating costs and the electric power grid. Cool roofs offer both immediate and long-Term savings in building energy costs. White reflective membranes, coated roofs and planted or green roofs can: • Reduce building heat-gain, as a white reflective roof typically increase only 10-25 degrees F above ambient temperature during the day. • Create savings on summertime air conditioning expenditures. • Enhance the life expectancy of both. • Create savings on summertime air conditioning expenditures. • Enhance The life expectancy of both the roof membrane and the building's cooling equipment. • Improve thermal efficiency of the roof insulation; thus is because as temperature increase, the thermal conductivity of the roof's insulation also increases. Reduce The demand for electric power by as much as 10 percent. • Reduce resulting air pollution and green house gas emissions. • Provide energy savings, even in northern climates.
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