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Non Slip Coatings

The 100% Epoxy Non Slip coating can be used to prevent accidents on the side walks, ramps, trucks, production areas driveways, basement floor, bricks and stones, steps and more. Designed for use on the floor areas which are subjected to abrasive traffic, impact and/or corrosive spillage. Easy to apply this paint, yet tough enough to stand up to heavy vehicular traffic even fork lift truck on floor areas. This permanent non skid coating can be painted to prevent slip accident and the save down time by eliminating slippery area in any work environment even if covered in liquids. Epoxy paint Non Slip coating are available in clear, black, blue, and yellow as well as custom matched floor colors. Easy to clean and permanent bond to concrete, metal, unfinished wood and more. For uses indoors and outdoors on sidewalks, metal, unfinished wood and more.

3D Epoxy Floor System

High performance, epoxy resin flooring system, supplied as four components in a pre-measured pack for ease of on site mixing and use. the cured resins form a pigmented, smooth, tough layer, which can be easilycleaned. Description To provide a tough, hard wearing, easily cleaned surface in industrial environments where a degree of higher resistance to chemical attack is required. It is suitable for use in workshops, production and processing areas, edairies, soft drinks and bottling plants, breweries, kitchens any floor areas subjected to wet working and possible chemical spillage. Limitations Dyflon Self-smoothing Epoxy Floor System should not be applied to the floors that are known to have rising moisture or have relative humidity of greater than 75% at the time of application. These products should not be applied in temperatures less than 10°C or where the ambient relative humidity is greater than 85%. Once the mixed material has exceeded its pot life, the viscosity and the characteristics of the product will change and any unused product should be discarded at this time. Note: All Dyflon products are manufactured under strict Quality Assurance procedures; however it is recommended that where colours consistency is essential, wherever possible, products from one batch should be used. Properties The value shown are typical of results obtained in the laboratory at obtained on site may vary from those quoted. Physical Properties
  • Dyflon : @27+/-2°C
  • Pot life : 30mins
  • Initial hardness:24 hours
  • Fullcure :7days
Chemical Resistance Dyflon Self-smoothing Epoxy Floor System is resistant to a wide range of liquids and chemicals, for specific information please refer the Dyflon Chemical Resistance chart.
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