Anti Thermal IR Coating

Anti Thermal IR Coating

Thermal IR Coatings

Thermal IR Coatings (Alkyd / Urethane type) have good potential for operational use because of the long delay in the identification process by the enemy sensors. The reduction of the IR signature is excellent and it has capability to modulate the deformation of fixed ground targets, optimize the survivability in a complex and advanced military environment. Coatings are passive to the environment and when applied they stay on guard day or night, 365 days per year and for a long time.

2. Advantages of Thermal IR Coatings

1)  By using Dyflon Thermal IR coatings, you can achieve a balance / equalization

  between the environment’s IR signature and the Thermal signature of the asset.

2) Thermal IR coatings have excellent reduction rate of thermal radiation for  


3) You keep away from targeting your own assets.

4) It can achieve up to 50% IR signature reduction.

5) It can reduce surface temperature up to 50%.

6) It can customize and fine-tune the hue and performance (emissivity value) of all  

   off-the-shelf products in order to meet your requirements.

7) All Dyflon products are effective and applicable at the wide IR spectrum of 0.7 to  

   20 microns (near/mid/far IR).

8) You can paint all kinds of surfaces, alkaline (concrete, bricks, plaster, asphalt),

   Metallic (constructions, hangars, tanks & vehicles), personnel equipment, aerial   

   or naval assets.

9) No special knowledge or painting skills are required.

3. Grade Name


Thermal IR Alkyd type (One liquid type)



* Colors can be various according to the customer’s request.


Thermal IR Urethane type (Two liquid type)


* Colors can be various according to the customer’s request.


4. Application Categories of Thermal IR / Normal IR Coatings


1) Mobile assets: Armored motorcar, Tank

2) Personnel equipment: Rifle, Small Gun, Military Uniform, Battle Helmet

3) Fixed ground assets: Hanger, Airplane shed, Military warehouse

4) Aerial / Naval assets


Light Spectrum (IR spectrum of 700 – over 50,000nm)


All Dyflon products are effective and applicable at the wide IR spectrum of 0.7 to 50 microns (near/mid/far IR).

Our coatings protect you from:

·         All thermal viewers

·         Air/Surface & Surface/Surface missiles

·         NVGs

·         Laser Designators

·         Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance Systems

·         Sniper Scopes

·         GPS /INS aided missiles that use IR sensors during final approach

·         FLIRs

·         Thermal Targeting Systems

·         Thermal Targeting Systems Combat Vehicle

·         LANTIRN & IR AC films 



Sniper suit - Gillie suit (MSPCE)

DYFLON offers several types of camouflage systems, including the multi- spectral camouflage paint system. The company also offers, Personal Camouflage Ghillie system (PCGS) developed for special operation units. The kit comprises a screen, poncho and for special operations tactical multispectral Camouflage Ghillie Suit (MSCGS). The lightweight (200gr/m2) effectively conceals the wearer in the visual, and near IR Wavebands, Blending the soldier with the background. The suit provides thermal concealment as well, which blocks up to 80% of the body heat. The Suit withstands continued in wet weather conditions. The entire MSCGS suit weighs 2.9 kg.
Personal Camouflage & MSCGS
DYFLON Personal Camouflage Ghillie Suite (PCGS) has been developed to offer soldiers including special operation forces a Signature Management tool will provide protection as well as allow them to perform stealth operation in hostile territories.

The DYFLON PCGS are divided into three general categories:

1. DYFLON Personal Screen

2. DYFLON personal Poncho

3. DYFLON Special Operation Tactical multispectral Camouflage Ghillie Suit (MSCGS)

All above systems offer the soldiers cover from various reconnaissance systems
Currently available.
The CGS General Characteristics
The special operation Tactical multispectral Camouflage Ghillie Suit (MSCGS) has been developed to offer special operation forces a Signature Management tool allows them to perform stealth operations in hostile territories. The suit offers the soldier cover from various reconnaissance systems currently available.

VIS/NIR characteristics blend with

Those of the surrounding background environment.

The TIR (Thermal Infrared) signature:

· Reduce detection in all climate conditions.

· Obstruct thermal reconnaissance.

· The MSCGS blocks 80% of the thermal energy transmitted by the soldier.

The ‘non- snagging’ construction

Allows a long service life for the system.

The MSCGS can be customized to the end users wishes.

The MSCGS is ultra light and weights

Approximately 2.9kg.

The MSCGS is water resistant

Maintaining its ultra light weight in wet weather condition.


Ghillie Suits

We are a top notch supplier of Ghillie Suits.
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